Real Estate Photography

Working in real estate is a very difficult job when you consider what’s involved: open houses, individual and group planned inspections, follow ups, paperwork, checking references and other facts on applications, and much more. It all adds up to working long hours each day for five or six days every week.

When new listings come in, you need to find time to write descriptions and more time to visit each property and take photos plenty of good quality photos that will help you rent or sell the properties.

If you’re pressed for time, you may think any old picture will do.
That’s where you’re wrong!!!

Look at our samples below and remember this – “A picture tells a thousand words.”
With your photos, you want to create plenty of interest in each property, enticing people
to inspect it and eventually either buy the property or sign a rental agreement.

A blurry photo?

Does this give you any information?

This bathroom must be tiny?

The corner of a room?


Blurry and rotation?

That’s where I come in!
In Toowoomba and the surrounding areas, I offer my more accurate photo service and relieve you of the burden of taking great photos to best sell the property.
Each photo shoot has up to 15 images. You choose the ones that you like.

I’ll show you the samples and, if you like them, I’ll email them to you after payment has been received.
How much will this cost you?
As an introductory service in Toowoomba, each photo shoot will only cost you $50.00 (That’s 15 images).
Please contact me here for more info.